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Genisys Preview Only Ruin The Ending?

Wait, Did The Terminator: Genisys Preview Only Destroy The End?

Today is a good day to be a film geek, especially if you're a Terminator or James Bond buff. With the brand new trailer dropping just minutes ago, a recently renewed sense of purpose and guarantee appears to be hitting the franchise that almost died with the gloomy Terminator Salvation of 2009. Yet the jaw dropping images in this trailer out of all, there is one that strikes me as the most shocking. It is also, quite possibly, an instant that spoils part of the film's ending.

To save your rewinding fingers, take a look at the GIF of said minute below.

While it is a Terminator movie and indestructibility is somewhat of a recurring theme in the franchise, the manner this second is played looks like it is leading to an emotional, Iron Giant kind of instant where Pops sacrifices himself for the sake of the mission. Considering the power of his ramming into the chopper, along with the altitude this pursuit is occurring at, there is decent chances that he won't be coming back from that autumn. The T800 is programmed to make sure as we have seen before, he's not above sacrificing himself to get the mission done, and it has the very best likelihood of success.

Most significant, the entire "I will be back," slogan is a call back you'd expect a movie like Terminator: Genisys to save until the end of the film, where it is going to yield the largest bunch reaction. You do not start the picture with "I'll be back" and wade through the remainder of the story, only to say it again. It is a card which has to be dealt in the right time. Though now that I think about it, this minute mightn't be a call back mixed with a heroic sacrifice, it may be a minute that foreshadows the future. Keep in mind , this is actually the first of three new films they are looking to make in the new Terminator series. Maybe the T-800 will be back... but in a newer body!

Time will tell whether this theory is correct, or only a case of http://www.terminatorgenesismovie.com/ a preview doing its job; and we'll need to wait until Terminator: Genisys launches on July 1, 2015 to figure terminator genisys imdb out.

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